Saturday, 29 September 2012

Peeling fruit (Easy Peasy Activity #4)

Mr. Maverick wants to do it by himself! (with everything). He will actually get mad now if we try to help too soon. It was a huge thing when we taught him the sign for help (and he started using it frequently), but he is still stubbornly independent. 
My solution is to look for every opportunity that he can do it (or at least help). So at one point I started him peeling his own fruit (small oranges and bananas usually). We also taught him to put the peelings on the table or plate/bowl, instead of in his chair or on the floor. It's so good for his little fingers, it has a clear ending to the task, and an immediate reward. Also, he loves taking things apart.
Another note about frustration: Sometimes Mr. Maverick will do a certain cry which I know is pure frustration. I do a little chant/cheer: "Come on, M! You can do it, M." repeatedly (obviously with his name). It will help him to relax and to give it one more shot; I think it's important that kids know their parents want them to keep trying, even when they struggle (instead of taking over, or apathetically watching them, or telling them they can't do it). I'm always surprised at what Mr. Maverick actually CAN do, but I'm also willing to help if he asks.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Spice Jars + Toddler (Easy Peasy Activity #3)

One morning this week, Mr. Maverick and I were putting dishes away. When I opened the cupboard to put a mixing bowl away, he saw my spices and (non-verbally) asked to play with them. So I pulled them down and he played for about 10 minutes. He might have played longer but he hadn't even had breakfast, so I cut it short.

In and out, balancing on top, spinning, and clacking.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Muffin Tray sorting (Easy Peasy Activity #2)

This is so easy and Mr Maverick asked for it 3 times on the first day. In fact as soon as he saw this picture of himself he wanted to do it again. I keep it high on the shelf, since it has buttons and I watch him closely when he plays with them.

I used a shallow muffin tray, colored paper taped inside, and buttons (kept in a small lidded plastic jar). You can add others things, too. the first day I also had pompoms and muffin cups; he ignored the pompoms, but used the cups.

When we play with it, I talk about the colors and I will place a blue button in the blue space, etc. I try to let Mr. M put the buttons wherever he wants to put them. Color sorting will come later; for now it's all about manual dexterity.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Box Floor (Easy Peasy Activity #1)

Mr. Maverick loves dumping out his toys. I try not to freak out when he does it, since all I see is a mess. For his first birthday he got a toy storage shelf with these red, yellow and blue bins from Grandma and Grandpa. I soon learned that I had to keep it in his room and only have about half the bins in the living room or I wouldn't be able to walk for all the toys he had dumped out. (And Mr. Maverick plays better with fewer choices and less mess anyway.)

So the activity I wanted to share is one that Mr. Maverick came up with himself: Box Floor. He emptied out all the bins and started playing with them. It immediately reminded me of Lava Floor (which I loved as a kid), but the whole point is to get around while manuovering in and out of boxes. It is so good for balance and practicing lifting legs higher than regular walking; it also helped him learn how to move without tipping the bin over (since he would hold the bins for balance). The picture shows Mr. M at 21 months, but he started doing this since he got them; I just had to help out a little since he had only just started walking without holding anything.

If you don't have bins like these, I recommend shoe boxes, plastic ice cream tubs, diaper boxes, etc. Anything that comes up to your child's knee should work. Mr. M liked to sit down in them as well, so be warned: it might get squished if it can't take you child's weight (we have some plastic baskets he can't sit in, because they bend/crack).

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mom priorities = fewer crafts + 0 blog posts

So... Life gets crazy when you have kids. People tell you, but you don't understand fully what they mean until it happens. Mr. Maverick is only a couple months away from being 2 and his little brother (internet nickname not yet determined) is nearly 2 months old. Somehow it's easier the second time; the newest child seems to adjust to Mr. Maverick's schedule a lot easier than Mama and Daddy did when they had to adjust to the changes that Mr. Maverick brought. Sleep deprivation is still harsh, though.

Anyway, I'm amazed that I still get comments after such a long gap in posts. I'm still doing crafts, although fewer and mostly for-the-kids type, but I thought I could try to post them. However, the future of this blog is chanding and is going to be whatever I'm interested in posting, since it is MY blog. If you, the reader have any questions or requests, feel free to ask.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Lovebird nails: tutorial and TotallyCoolNails contest entry

Emeral Green (284) by BarryM
LaffyTaffy Cherry
Apricot Punch (053) by Rimmel London
Clear by Natural Collection (Boots brand)
I'm Exquisite (350 Gold) by No7 (Boots brand)

I chose Lovebirds for my Love/Valentine's Day contest entry because I don't really like pink, or hearts really. My husband bought me a couple budgies several years ago, so sweet little parrots remind me of him. LOVE HIM!

This is my first Nail Art video; it's so much harder than it looks to make a nice video. Sorry for the interruptions from my son. PLEASE give constructive criticism. Thanks.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Green birthday card

I made this in 2010 for my brother's birthday. I used scrap paper, stickers and 1/2 of a stamp (said 'Happy Birthday!' but only used the second word). Ridiculously easy.

Green birthday card