Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Box Floor (Easy Peasy Activity #1)

Mr. Maverick loves dumping out his toys. I try not to freak out when he does it, since all I see is a mess. For his first birthday he got a toy storage shelf with these red, yellow and blue bins from Grandma and Grandpa. I soon learned that I had to keep it in his room and only have about half the bins in the living room or I wouldn't be able to walk for all the toys he had dumped out. (And Mr. Maverick plays better with fewer choices and less mess anyway.)

So the activity I wanted to share is one that Mr. Maverick came up with himself: Box Floor. He emptied out all the bins and started playing with them. It immediately reminded me of Lava Floor (which I loved as a kid), but the whole point is to get around while manuovering in and out of boxes. It is so good for balance and practicing lifting legs higher than regular walking; it also helped him learn how to move without tipping the bin over (since he would hold the bins for balance). The picture shows Mr. M at 21 months, but he started doing this since he got them; I just had to help out a little since he had only just started walking without holding anything.

If you don't have bins like these, I recommend shoe boxes, plastic ice cream tubs, diaper boxes, etc. Anything that comes up to your child's knee should work. Mr. M liked to sit down in them as well, so be warned: it might get squished if it can't take you child's weight (we have some plastic baskets he can't sit in, because they bend/crack).

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