Friday, 24 August 2012

Muffin Tray sorting (Easy Peasy Activity #2)

This is so easy and Mr Maverick asked for it 3 times on the first day. In fact as soon as he saw this picture of himself he wanted to do it again. I keep it high on the shelf, since it has buttons and I watch him closely when he plays with them.

I used a shallow muffin tray, colored paper taped inside, and buttons (kept in a small lidded plastic jar). You can add others things, too. the first day I also had pompoms and muffin cups; he ignored the pompoms, but used the cups.

When we play with it, I talk about the colors and I will place a blue button in the blue space, etc. I try to let Mr. M put the buttons wherever he wants to put them. Color sorting will come later; for now it's all about manual dexterity.

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