Friday, 6 August 2010

A little update...

Here's baby's 20-week scan. I've got two months before my baby boy is due. He's due October 8th. We haven't picked a name yet, but we've got a short list. My Lilypie ticker says he weighs about 4 pounds, so he's getting bigger faster.

I'll be moving from a flat to a house this month. I'll definitely still have a designated crafting area, but I imagine my card-making won't be as frequent as it was in 2009. Hopefully, after I move I'll be able to make some baby-theme cards; they'll definitely come in handy.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

25th Anniversary card

25th Anniversary card
      I made this for my parents' 25th anniversary. I didn't want to make an all-silver card (because it's the silver anniversary), so I decided on blue with silver.
      I inked the chipboard numbers with silver ink and covered them with glitter. Then I put them on a textured black paper and did some doodling with a blue Sakura gel pen. The light grey paper is stamped in blue with a Stampin' Up mesh-looking stamp.
      The ribbons look really pretty, but it's really easy to do. I added a few eyelets, threaded the white ribbon through, and tied the silver ribbon on with blue thread. It made the silver ribbon look very neat and tidy, because there was no knot to make it go wonky. On the inside the white ribbon is glued down and then covered with a plain piece of paper (to hide the ends).
      This card looks cooler in real life. The colors aren't quite right because it's hard to photograph holographic paper (or glitter). And the black paper looks blacker.

Holographic blue, black, and grey paper
Chipboard numbers
Sakura gel pen
decorative scissors
white and silver ribbons
blue thread

Monday, 2 August 2010

Never-ending card

This card works better with fewer embellishments, so I just used stamps and stickers (and a pen for doodling).
054 055 056 057