Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mom priorities = fewer crafts + 0 blog posts

So... Life gets crazy when you have kids. People tell you, but you don't understand fully what they mean until it happens. Mr. Maverick is only a couple months away from being 2 and his little brother (internet nickname not yet determined) is nearly 2 months old. Somehow it's easier the second time; the newest child seems to adjust to Mr. Maverick's schedule a lot easier than Mama and Daddy did when they had to adjust to the changes that Mr. Maverick brought. Sleep deprivation is still harsh, though.

Anyway, I'm amazed that I still get comments after such a long gap in posts. I'm still doing crafts, although fewer and mostly for-the-kids type, but I thought I could try to post them. However, the future of this blog is chanding and is going to be whatever I'm interested in posting, since it is MY blog. If you, the reader have any questions or requests, feel free to ask.

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