Saturday, 29 September 2012

Peeling fruit (Easy Peasy Activity #4)

Mr. Maverick wants to do it by himself! (with everything). He will actually get mad now if we try to help too soon. It was a huge thing when we taught him the sign for help (and he started using it frequently), but he is still stubbornly independent. 
My solution is to look for every opportunity that he can do it (or at least help). So at one point I started him peeling his own fruit (small oranges and bananas usually). We also taught him to put the peelings on the table or plate/bowl, instead of in his chair or on the floor. It's so good for his little fingers, it has a clear ending to the task, and an immediate reward. Also, he loves taking things apart.
Another note about frustration: Sometimes Mr. Maverick will do a certain cry which I know is pure frustration. I do a little chant/cheer: "Come on, M! You can do it, M." repeatedly (obviously with his name). It will help him to relax and to give it one more shot; I think it's important that kids know their parents want them to keep trying, even when they struggle (instead of taking over, or apathetically watching them, or telling them they can't do it). I'm always surprised at what Mr. Maverick actually CAN do, but I'm also willing to help if he asks.


emmzwazHeR3z said...

aawww cute he's independent already!

Francesca Etheart said...

Yes I think it is important to encourage your kids. It will help them suceed in the future.