Saturday, 21 January 2012

Wow. Long time, no see...

Being pregnant and having a kid hasn't stopped me from being creative, but it's definitely been fewer and further between. I usually have to fit anything creative during naptimes or after "Mr. Maverick" (aka my son) goes to bed. And I haven't had the drive or energy to blog. Sorry. But I have been taking pictures of things that I've made. There have been fewer papercrafts and more random crafts.
The most recent thing I've been learning about is nail art. I get the opportunity to spend time with the teenage girls at church; I'm one of the Young Women's leaders so I'll teach an occasional sunday school lesson and go to their activities on a Wednesday. I saw one of the girls nails a couple weeks ago and I thought, "Cool. I can do that." She had put 6-10 tiny dots on each nail; when I did it I went a little crazy and went for a bubble look with 2 colors.
I then spent time on the internet and youtube learning different beginner nail art techniques. So when my nails were looking worn out I did this. I'm not sure of the technique name, but it's like 'dry marbling,' but only in one direction to look a little like feathers; it was actually called 'peacock technique' in one place so I used colors similar to an actual peacock feather.

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Hannah said...

That is so pretty