Tuesday, 4 November 2008

I live in England...

"So what are you doing over here?"
When I first moved to England, I got asked this question a lot. Mostly from strangers. I think it's funny how people can ask me such a personal question just because I have an American accent. I don't mind, I'm a naturally curious person myself.

I tell them in the simplest way that I married an Englishman. I'm not very good at reading people, but I think a small portion that ask are surprised that I'm married at all; I think that to them it would make more sense if I were studying at the University. That's because I'm young (22) and to most people I actually look younger than I am.

"Do you like England?"
This is a funny question. Do you know how you would answer if you were asked if you liked where you lived? I always answer that I think England is normal. I mean life for me is work, eat, sleep, etc. Everyday life in England is only slightly different than in America. At least it is for me.

The biggest differences for me: snack food and sweets, and I don't drive over here. I really miss crackers, but I don't really miss driving.

"How did you meet your husband?"
Whenever I answer this one, I grin like crazy.

My husband was studying International Business at University and got the opportunity to study for a semester in Moorhead, Minnesota just across the river/state border where I was living/studying in Fargo, North Dakota (my hometown). The two cities are squished right together with only the river seperating them.

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