Monday, 28 July 2008

Inkpad Poll Comments

I'm planning on getting a nice red inkpad soon, but I don't have any idea of which brand would be the best. (I really like pigment ink pads by the way.)

If you have the time I would really love it if you could help me out. Or you could give me a comment here.

1 comment:

stevendeah said...

Hey..interesting blog and really lovely cards. Love how you organize, too...I'm not particularly gifted at organizing, haha!
Anyway..the stamp pads. I love Stampin' Up b/c they have the best color varieties..and everything coordinates SO perfectly..HOWEVER, they need re-inked more often and sometimes dip a bit towards the middle. I still buy them in spite of this, so that tells you they must be ok, huh? On the other hand, Colorbox pads are amazing. The pad is "spongey" and inks stamps with a lighter touch (you don't have to pound them to get the ink off;)..AND they last for-e-ver. I still have the same red pad from 10 years ago..I use it fairly often..and it still has life left..that's amazing to me!
You'll have to let us know what you end up choosing! Best wishes!