Friday, 25 July 2008

I love organising

Ever since getting back from visiting my sister, I haven't been making very many cards. I have been organising and re-organising my crafting stash. I've put all of my unmounted stamps into a A5 binder; it's the perfect size for most stamp sets. 022 021
Another thing that I've done is make a catelog of all my inks, pens, punches, die-cuts, and stamps. I think the photos explain better. It took a very long time to stamp out all of my stamps, but it makes it so easy to flip through a choose one for a card. 009 010 011 012
I used skinny little photo albums and file cards. It might seem peculiar, but I really loved doing this. Organising can be really fun for me. Now that I'm finished, I'll be back to making cards and hopefully some videos.

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